Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unique Opportunities for PE Investors at AgReturn San Francisco 2012

AgReturn San Francisco 2012 is a unique kind of agriculture investment conference--one that embraces the surrounding themes of agriculture, real assets, and scarcity-driven investments.

This year we are pleased to offer new content and networking sessions created specifically for Private Equity investors interested in the Agriculture Space at AgReturn San Francisco 2012!

Afternoon tracks are fully dedicated to Private Equity strategies, best practices and risk management.

Don’t miss: The following panels:

“Do Your Homework": – 2:00 pm, March 13th 
Review best practices for evaluating agtech and agribusinesses to avoid failure and strategies for successful exits.

“The Role of Private Equity in Global Agribusiness”- 4:15 March 13th 
How is private equity currently engaging with the global agribusiness regarding relationship management, deal identification, deal terms, valuation methods, best practices and exit strategies? Find out here.

Be there: Private Equity B2B Networking:

Take the time to meet your peers in this first-ever private equity mixer at AgReturn. Learn about successes and failures, take away strategy ideas, and most importantly, discover potential deals. Private Equity firms can sign up for this unique networking session on a first-come, first-served basis on-site.

Hear from: The following pioneering investors:

Angelos Dassios, Partner, Paine + Partners 
Bruce Kahn, Director, Deutsche Bank 
Brad Triebsch, Principal, Central Valley Fund 
Stuart Rudick, Partner, Mindful Investors 
Aaron Enz, Partner, Watershed Capital

To see the full agenda and speaker faculty, please download the brochure here.

This is a one-stop commercial marketplace for the industry. Make sure AgReturn San Francisco is on your calendar for 2012.

We look forward to seeing you in March!

Get involved in AgReturn. Make your presence known by building your customized sponsorship package today. For more information please contact Terri Sobol at +1 646-895-7473 or tsobol@iirusa.com


  1. I am a Brit living in the States and am involved in agriculture investments. This looks like a fantastic conference. I wonder if all of those speakers listed are already involved in the sector?

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